Red Kite Teaching Alliance

Red Kite Teaching Alliance

The Whartons is an active partner of the Red Kite Teaching Alliance

Partners play a key part in various aspects of the work of the Teaching Alliance. As a partner we engage in half termly Senior leadership meetings and training. Subject leaders across school have access to Collaborative Learning Groups (CLGs) where they share good practice, discuss educational topics, access free training events, engage in staff CPD, teach meet sessions and access  leadership development.

The Teaching Alliance is a large and growing group of schools from across North Yorkshire and Leeds. The collaboration between colleagues from such a diverse range of school settings is invaluable in keeping abreast of current developments in education, sharing strengths with other schools and supporting each other in development areas.

Through the Red Kite Teaching Alliance we engage in a bi yearly Peer Review cycle where we benefit from a review of our current practice and are involved in peer reviewing other schools.

At The Whartons we support the Alliance with training new teachers through their School Centred Initial Teacher Training  (SCITT) post graduate degrees. Over the last few years our experienced teachers have hosted and trained many student teachers who have grown in confidence and expertise whilst adding greatly to the school community as a whole.