The Whartons After School Club

The Wharton's After School Club runs from the end of the school day, from 3.15 pm-6.00 pm, Monday-Friday, during term time only.
The day-to-day running of the Club is managed by Dani assisted by Sheila (deputy manager), Donna (deputy manager), Julie, Pamela, Debbie, Sharline, Steph, Kayla, Daina, Ewan and Caitlin. The Club is overseen by a voluntary committee consisting of school staff members and parents. It is registered with Ofsted and accepts Childcare Vouchers (Ofsted No: 2711071). The Whartons Afterschool Club is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO No: 1190402)
Children are offered a wide variety of activities every night.  A typical evening will consist of:-
  • Snack and refreshments
  • A chance to chat with playworkers and other children about their day
  • A quiet space to read
  • Assistance with homework if required
  • Imagination time, in the form of dress-up, role play and puppets
  • A wide range of arts & crafts
  • Themes and cultures: Christmas, Easter, Hanukah etc
  • Construction: Lego, K'Nex etc
  • Sports: Team Games, Ball Games, Parachute, Skipping etc
  • Board Games: Bingo, Connect 4, Jenga, Jigsaws, Ludo, Draughts etc
  • Electronic Games: Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Karaoke
  • Indoor Sports: Pool
Any child aged 4-11 who is a pupil at The Whartons School in Otley is eligible for a place.  Every parent/carer must complete a booking form to enable their child to attend.  A place for your child must be booked at least one week in advance.  We do realise that there will always be emergencies, so we aim to be flexible and understanding to all situations.  All places booked must be paid for in full, with the exception of a child not attending through illness.
Fees per session based on the following:-
TIMES                   FIRST CHILD                  SECOND CHILD            THIRD CHILD
3.15-6.00pm          £8.30                               £7.05                               £6.75
For further information please contact:
Dani Beattie (Club Manager)
Tel: 07931 597531