Whole School Curriculum Overview

The Whole School Curriculum

The Whartons whole school and long term curriculum plans were drawn up with reference to the National Curriculum 2014 and Development Matters for EYFS children.

Statutory and non statutory guidance was taken in to account alongside Chris Quigley's Essentials full spectrum curriculum.

In order to develop and enhance the learning and well being of the 'whole child' staff, governors and children worked together to weave specific and unique drivers through the whole school curriculum. These drivers were chosen to embrace the wonderful surroundings and environment at the Whartons, to challenge children to build life skills and to ensure they develop empathy and learn about the wider society. The four drivers which staff incorporate in to their medium term plans where appropriate are: Learning in the outdoors, Developing Enterprise, Celebrating Diversity and nurturing Well Being.

Teachers plan learning experiences around themes where possible and enhance learning and understanding through strong links both in and between subjects. Themes will have a guiding purpose or guiding question which sets learning in a meaningful context, for example 'to create a museum exhibition for parents on life in Roman Times or host a Spanish Day of events at the end of a theme. The children build their own learning by identifying what they need to find out in order to produce an end product.

A range of high quality schemes of work are used by teachers when planning learning opportunities these include:

Real PE- which develops physical, creative and team building aspects of PE

Language Angels - French

Charanga- Music programme

Jigsaw Comprehensive programme - Person, social, health and citizenship education

Stop Problem Solving Maths

Pearson's Bug Club Phonics Programme

Bug Club- Phonics Reading scheme

No Nonsense Spelling

White Rose Maths

Times Tables Rock Stars

Odizzi Geography


To explore in more depth the teaching and learning of each individual subject area at The Whartons, please visit the subject web pages under the Children and Learning Tab