Staff at The Whartons are a talented, caring and dedicated team of people; working together to ensure our school has a real community feel and supports all children to reach their full potential.
Head Teacher - Mrs Julia Dickson
Deputy Head Teacher, SENCO and Year 1 Class Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)  - Mrs Carolyn Gomes 
Key Stage 1 Leader and Year 3 Class Teacher  - Mr Paul Hampson
Key Stage 2 Leader and Year 5 Class Teacher  - Mr Dominic Fisk
Reception Class Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)  - Mrs Emily Matthews
Reception Class Teacher (Thursday-Friday)  - Mrs Kate Manderville
Year 6 Class Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)  - Mrs Cara Foley
Year 6 Class Teacher (Thursday-Friday)  - Miss Stewart
Year 4 Class Teacher  - Mr Ryan Young
Year 2 Class Teacher  - Mr James Williamson
Year 1 Class Teacher  - Mrs Lucy Dowell (Wednesday-Friday)
PPA Cover Teacher  - Mrs Sue Thompson
Finance and Office Manager  - Mrs Rebecca Mitchell
Admin Assistants  - Mrs Lisa Mellor & Lisa Rigby
Learning Mentor - Miss Carly Milner
Reception Teaching Assistant  - Mrs Fiona Rockcliff 
Year 2 Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club Manager  - Mrs Tracey Reynard
Year 1 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor - Miss Lucy Wilkinson
Year 6 Teaching Assistant  - Mrs Joanne Bishop
Part Time Teaching Assistant - Mrs Julie Fortune
Special Needs Teaching Assistant  - Mrs Natalie Kettleborough. Mrs Josie Hughes & Mrs Sheila Rumsey 
Site Superintendant  - Mr Dave Reynard
Senior Midday Supervisor  - Mrs Lynne Roberts
Midday Supervisors  - Mrs Donna Robertshaw, Mrs Emma Thompson, Mrs Jane Porteous, Mrs Becky Lister
Kitchen Staff  - Mrs Helen Marshall (Cook In Charge), Gillian Hofman, Sarah Hill (Kitchen Assistants)