Yr 6 Archive of Home Learning during Lockdown 2020

Letters to the Lonely 

I’ve been in touch with Teal Beck House, a residential care home in Otley for elderly people, many of whom have disabilities. The staff there were delighted when I told them about your letters and explained that the residents cannot use the communal areas there at the moment so receiving letters to their rooms would really cheer them up. 

I’d love to deliver your letters to Teal Beck House as soon as I can so please can you send me your letter in one of these ways:

 a)      Send it (in an envelope) through the post. Please address it as follows:

Mrs Foley

The Whartons Primary School

The Whartons



LS21 2BS

 b)      If you can get a really clear image, then take a photograph or scan your letter and email to info@whartonsprimary.co.uk . I can then print them out. Please put ‘for Mrs Foley’ in the subject box so I receive them. 

I did speak to Mrs Dickson about you delivering them to school but she was concerned about you all arriving at the same time or being stopped for being out unnecessarily!

 Also, in case you are worried - the virus can only live on paper/cardboard for 24 hours so I will keep the letters in an envelope for a few days before delivering them to make sure the elderly people are safe.

 I can’t wait to start receiving your letters – I think they will cheer me up too as I’m missing seeing you all and hearing your news! 

Any questions, please contact school. 

Mrs F :)