Year 5

Hello munchkins! How ya doin'? 

These are some seedlings Coco and I planted at the beginning of the Easter holidays - they're not quite ready to go out yet. 

In the holiday, I spent an evening building my old space Lego monorail. It’s older than my oldest daughter, but still totally cool! 

This is where I work with my laptop connected to a separate monitor because I have to have quite a few programs open at the same time. Did any of you spot the red ear defenders? It’s what I have to wear when one of my children starts drumming! 

This is a huge high-five to all of you (don’t break the screen!). I miss you, but I’m glad you’re at home, safe with your family and grateful we’ve had lots of sunny weather so we can get out in the garden. 

Keep working hard but don't stress about anything and take care of yourselves and your family.

Mr Fisk

Hello everyone. We hope you are staying safe and enjoying your home leaning and managing to get outside in this beautiful weather, even if it's only in the garden.
Thomas has been doing some baking. You'll never be short of bread in your house, Thomas, that looks delicious. He has also been learning how to put a tent up in the garden and doing some quiet reading with his brother and sister.     
Millie has been very busy doing PE with her sister, making saltdough shapes and painting them, joining in with the rainbows and adding her's to her window and doing her home learning in the garden in the sunshine. What a lovely way to do your learning Millie. Well done. 
Week 2 of Home Learning and here's Thomas making English Monarch Fortune Tellers. That looks great Thomas. Well done.
Here's Okezie doing his home learning in the garden during the sunny weather. What a lovely way to learn Okezie. Well done.
Freddy's Mum said "So Freddy has been super busy! He has made spaghetti Bolognese, and vegetable soup which were both very yummy! He’s been teaching Hope all about football and taking a sunset walk each evening. We have been keeping a journal of each of our days at home, recording what we’ve been doing but also talking about how tough it is some days because we miss our friends so much.
Here's James doing his daily Maths & English Lessons.A mix of reading the recipe, using calculations to work out the correct quantities and teamwork helped to produce some fabulous cornflake cakes!
They look delicious James, Well done!
Now we are into Week 5 here's what Freddy's Mum says they've been doing.
"We’ve been clapping for carers every Thursday!
Freddy and Hope have made a nursery in the living room for our sunflowers, which are coming on nicely and nearly ready to go outside!
We have welcomed the cattle back who live outside our garden...some different faces to chat to!
We’ve been enjoying the nice weather, and Fred has really enjoyed watching a pair of blue tits build their nest right outside our bedroom window!"
Thomas and his brother and sister have been researching their family tree and working together to put it all together.  They have spoken to their Grandparents to find out names, birth places and dates. This looks fascinating. We bet you'll be hooked with your research now.
During Week 5 Nathanael has been making a rainbow cake. That looks amazing Nathanael.
During Week 5 Okezie, with his sisters, made this beautiful African sunset on cardboard and the lilies are their handprints!
He also made a hammock with his Dad to enjoy the lovely sunny weather. He has also been going for long walks with the rest of the family during their daily hour's exercise in between his home learning.
Here's James hard at work with his Home Learning.
A pitch invasion didn't stop James and his brother having a great game of football.
Callum has been very busy. He chose to print out some of the projects on Twinkl and these are some of his creations he made on his own! 2 pen holders and a cactus. 
Mum says "Callum was able to still join his friends via zoom for his bereaved sibling group held by Candlelighters and made a pebble picture of him and Lucy. We found the pebbles on our daily walk out on Friday, on the dried river bed and had a little paddle too". 
He has also been having a go at Marbling with shaving Foam. The card was made for part of his cubs art badge.
Freddy's Mum says
"Freddy has loved exploring google maps and zooming in to all sort of places!
We did a very cool experiment with some skittles! And got to eat them after!
Fred is really getting a lot out of exploring the farm and talking to the cattle!
Last week he spent a whole afternoon exploring pulleys and levers and was VERY determined to work out how to pull this heavy bucket of logs over a tall tree branch. He did it!
A few days ago we got some superb close up of the fly bys from an RAF plane!
Yesterday he was finding out about sculpture and made this cool stone and shell sculpture of a cow!"