Year 4

Hello Year 4.  We hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning.
It's lovely to see what you are all doing. Please keep sharing your photos.
Here's Matilda doing her set work from Mr Hampson, as well as PE with Joe Wicks. She has also been doing some dance, art, online history sessions and crafts. She and her brother have also had some online art classes, craft classes and reading sessions with their grandparents and Matilda is now making a crochet bunny with grandma. It's lovely that you can see and have some virtual time with your Grandparents, Matilda. 
Here's Oriah with her Sister enjoying the lovely weather we had last week to do their home learning. They have also been helping Dad in the garden. Well done Oriah. 
Mum says "Lucy has been very busy so far with her home learning, working her way through the work from school. She’s also created a lovely bright window display to spread some smiles as people pass by.
Lucy has been busy baking, doing science experiments and playing lots of board games along with walking miley the dog, she’s keeping in touch with friends and family via FaceTime. 
She’s missing everyone and hopes to see you all soon."
We're missing everyone too Lucy but it's lovely to see all your photos. Your window display is a lovely idea. Well done.
Mum says "Oliver has been working hard doing the work that Mr Hampson has set him. He has enjoyed challenging his Mum to do the maths questions, correcting her answers and then being very smug about it!! Oliver has had lots of time playing football in the garden and practising his nerf skills. Today he made pizza with his brother which was delicious with a big dollop of ketchup!"
That pizza looks delicious, Oliver. Well done!
Ebben has celebrated his birthday during lockdown but looks like he had a lovely time. Happy Birthday Ebben.
He has also been busy with his home learning, doing some cooking and enjoying the weather in the garden.
Oriah's Mum told us that Oriah and her brother and sisters made a beautiful African sunset on cardboard and the lilies are their handprints! 
Oriah has been practising her makeup skills (taking after Mum) and giving Olanya a fancy dress makeover. The jewels are amazing!!
She had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and  made honeycomb.
All the children asked Mum to braid their hair, so over 2 nights she did it! It was quite a challenge and time consuming but the end result looks fab and they loved them!! She says they've also been on some lovely walks as the fields are just up the hill from home so they have been enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Oriah and her sisters also had a great game of limbo with an old broom pole.
This all looks like great fun. 

Mum says "Elijah has been enjoying finding comfy spots to read his book, practising his cycling and having daily maths lessons (via Alexa!) with his grandpa. He has also been practising his moves on the trampoline. Both boys love starting their day with PE with Joe.
Here's Una with her English work on guinea pigs on Monday 11th May.
Charlotte and Lucas have been doing lots of lovely things during these 8 weeks of home learning including lots of cooking, getting out and about in the beautiful weather and celebrating VE Day on May 8th.
Mum says on 21st May "Una got a Blue Peter music badge yesterday! She sent an application in about her piano playing and lessons with Katie Cumming and received a letter and badge. 
She’s over the moon"
Well done, Una. That's so exciting.