Year 3

Hello Year 3.
We hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoying your home learning. We love seeing what you've all been doing.
Keep sharing your photos.
Dexter is doing some extreme science with his Dad on Dad's Microscope. This looks amazing Dexter. We wonder what you can see? 
Harry has been doing some baking. That looks delicious Harry and also having some quiet reading time with his brother and sister.
Here's Tommy enjoying getting some football practice in after lessons have finished for the day. Well done Tommy.
Week 2 of Home Learning and here's Harry making English monarch fortune tellers. What a great idea Harry.
Kristina has been working really hard with her sister doing her home learning, she has been watching the birds and learning about wild life and mini beasts. She saw a mouse eating the bird food. She has also been keeping been very active doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning. It's great to see everyone enjoying doing their exercises with Joe.
Kristina and her Sister also found a hedgehog in their garden this morning (Wednesday). That's very special as you don't see many these days do you. Well done  
Tommy and his Sister have been taking part in the Great British Camp Out in their back garden, making the most of this amazing weather. as we start Week 5. Looks like great fun Tommy,
Harry and his brother and sister have been researching their family tree and working together to put it all together.  They have spoken to their Grandparents to find out names, birth places and dates. This looks fascinating. We bet you'll be hooked with your research now.
Mrs Boyle thinks Mr Young is a genius for putting Gardening on his list of jobs the children could do. Harry has been out cutting the grass this week saving Mum or Dad the job.
Well done, Harry.
Tommy and his sister making bunting and flags for VE Day on Friday May 8th.
Harry and his family went litter picking today, Monday 18th May, observing social distancing of course, as part of their Caring For The Environment project. They were shocked by how much they collected. 
Well Done. You've done an amazing job.