Year 2

Hello Year 2.
We hope you are all well and getting on ok with your home learning and hope you have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather.
We miss everyone and can't wait until we are all back at school together, but in the meantime, It's lovely to see what you've been doing so keep sharing those photos.
Don't forget to join in with PE with Joe Wicks every morning and David Walliams is reading a story each day at 11am. The link is below. 
Mr Williamson thought you might like to see what his family have doing during their home learning. His daughters have been getting stuck into their home learning but they also manage to get outside for some daily exercise. He says they also have a rainbow in their window. 
Hello everyone
I hope you are all well and having fun with your home learning and enjoying being outside in the sunny weather we have had.
I have been busy knitting rainbow hats for my Granddaughters to wear when they are Clapping for Carers on a Thursday night. 
I'm missing you all and can't wait until we are all back at school together.
Take care
Mrs Fortune 
Here's Abby having some exercise after her lessons are done for the day. Well done Abby. 
Jasper has been doing his set work from Mr Williamson, as well as PE with Joe Wicks, dance, art, online history sessions and crafts. With his sister, they have also had some online art classes, craft classes and reading sessions with their grandparents. Jasper has drawn some fish and a frog in his art lesson with Grandad who is a retired art teacher. It's lovely that you can still have time with your Grandparents, Jasper even if it's just virtually.  
Here's what Sophie's mum wrote 
"We have got through week 1 of being at home. 
We have been working through Mr Williamson's worksheets and we have also done some of our own fun activities too. We made pain au chocolates with some leftover pastry and we have planted Sunflowers so we can watch them grow over the next few months. Sophie wrote a letter to her Gran and sent her some seeds too so that we can have a race and see who grows the biggest sunflower".
"Does anyone else want to join in?  We will race you!" From Sophie 
Lilly has been learning her times tables on the laptop, doing some artwork in the garden in that lovely weather last week and making a rainbow to put in her window.
I noticed lots of gorgeous rainbows on my walk this morning. Well done Lilly,
Here's Ethan after doing his daily Maths and English lessons.
A mix of reading the recipe, using calculations to work out the correct quantities and teamwork helped to produce some fabulous cornflake cakes!
They look delicious, Ethan. Well done!
Week 2 and Abby has been doing some beautiful artwork creating an Easter Picture. Well done Abby 
Charles practiced his 3 x tables by tripling each of the ingredients for a large flapjack bake! That looks delicious Charles and we love your hair. 
Abby and her brother have been taking part in the Great British Camp Out, making the most of this amazing weather as we start week 5. This looks like great fun Abby. 
During Week 5 Mia has been practising her art skills, and set up a photo shoot for her and her teddies. That's lovely artwork, Mia and we hope those Teddies behaved themselves.
Here's Oliver doing all sorts of interesting things during his home learning including smoking some cheese with his Daddy. That sounds absolutely fascinating Oliver.
Along with his homeschooling work, Alex helped build a mud kitchen so he can play outside with his Sister. He's taken his daily exercise with lots of walks around Burley and also taken up learning rugby.
Well done, Alex, that looks fun.
Alex has been enjoying her Home Learning and has been watching Caterpillar.
Here's Ethan hard at work with his Home Learning. He was also very proud to loose his first tooth this week, Week 6. Congratulations, Ethan. We hope the Tooth Fairy managed to visit, Social Distanced of course. 
Here's William sitting outside in the garden in the lovely sunshine doing his Home Learning. That looks like a lovely spot, William.
Oliver had an amazing Harry Potter Themed Day doing all sorts of exciting science projects and doing some cooking to practise his maths. He thinks others would have great fun doing something similar.
It looks like you had a brilliant day, Oliver.
A pitch invasion didn't stop Ethan and his brother having a great game of football.
Abby and her brother making bunting and flags for VE Day on Friday May 8th.
On Monday 11th May Charlie's Mum said "Charlie wanted to share his bean plant with the class.
They learnt about the  bean life cycle last week so we decided to plant a bean seed.
He is proud to show you it has germinated and grown 10 cm ( he measured ) in less than a week and the second one is just peeping through the soil.
Very proud"
It's now Monday 18th May and we have some updated photos of Charlie's bean.
Mum says he's so proud. It’s a whopping 31cm now and off out into the garden soon. 
22nd June
William having fun with his Home Schooling, playing tennis at Wharfemeadows and visiting a quarry.