Year 1 Dragon Detective Day

7th June 2017

Year 1 started the day with a visit from two people from the Magical Creatures Conservation Society. They were investigating sightings of a wood dragon in Farnley Woods and needed the children’s help. 


The children were up for the challenge and became Dragon Detectives for the day! They proved very good at their job as they discovered lots of evidence including a dragon footprint; a feeding station; a nest containing a golden dragon’s egg and even a treasure hoard!


They then met Dr. Dee, the owner of the woods, and showed him their evidence. He was delighted that wood dragons had not been scared completely away by the noisy wood cutters there.                                                                                              

The afternoon ended with a naming ceremony for the baby dragon around a beautiful fire. It was a fantastic day and has provided an excellent stimulus for the children’s work this half term on dragons and other magical creatures.


What a magical trip for Year 1! Thanks to the Magical Creatures Conservation Society.