Year 1

Hello Year 1.
We hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning. 
We all miss you and can't wait until we are all back at school together but, in the meantime, it's great to be able to see what you've been up to.
Keep sharing those photos.
Hello everyone
I hope you are all well and having fun with your home learning and enjoying being outside in the sunny weather we have had.
I have been busy knitting rainbow hats for my Granddaughters to wear when they are Clapping for Carers on a Thursday night. 
I'm missing you all and can't wait until we are all back at school together.
Take care
Mrs Fortune 
Emma and Grace's mum has sent these photos in and says "they have enjoyed doing their comprehension work, designing a new planet, planning what they would take on a rocket trip and doing PE every day with Joe Wicks.  They are going to come back to school super fit!"
Wow what's brilliant Emma and Grace. Well Done
Elsie has been baking. That looks absolutely delicious. I bet everyone enjoyed it Elsie. She has also been enjoying some quiet reading time with her brothers. Well done everyone.
Here' Max doing his PE with Joe Wicks, deciding what he wants to take in his space rocket and doing some Maths. Well done Max.
Jesse has been enjoying the sunny weather we had last week and has been planting some sunflowers, chives and lettuces. They are already growing and he is measuring them. We bet you'll have some really tall sunflowers by the summer, Jesse. Don't forget to share more photos as they grow.   
Oscar has had a very busy first week of Home Learning. He's been making music, learning to draw and adding up big numbers in his family's very own shop, which looks like it has some very nice things for sale. Well done Oscar.
Niamh has started each day with PE with Joe. She has been learning to tell the time, drawing and reading her favourite books. She also loves to be out in the garden with her brother. Well done Niamh, you sound like you are having a busy time.
Anya's Mummy says she is missing all her friends and teachers. We are missing you all too.
She has been enjoying her home learning, has coloured a beautiful rainbow with her brother and put them in the window, done some PE and watched the live stream from Chester Zoo last week with Otto the dog. 
She also ran 5k with Mummy and Otto taking 1 minute 30 seconds off the last time she did it. Well done Anya, that's brilliant. Keep sharing your photos.
Week 2 of Home Learning and Elsie has been making Banana bread. You keep making us feel hungry Elsie. I bet that tastes delicious.
Olanya has been doing her home learning in the garden in the beautiful weather we had last week and also in a sunny spot at home. It looks a nice way to learn Olanya. She has also been helping Dad in the garden.  
Hope has been making spaghetti bolognese and flapjacks ( which were yummy! Mummy said) She has been doing her Maths and English in the mornings and going for a walk at sunset each evening with her brother Freddy. One day they made a whole zoo in the garden!
Hope and her brother also wrote and song with Daddy and recorded it together. You look as though you are having an amazing time Hope. 
Dear Whartons,

On the 2nd Tuesday I made a pond.

I put a newt on it and I am Year 1.

I miss everyone.

From Finn
We miss everyone too Finn. We love your pond. Well Done  
Franceska has been working really hard at her home learning doing Maths and English.She has been doing some bird watching and learnt about the wild life and mini beasts in the garden. She saw a mouse eating the bird food. 
She has been doing PE with Joe and having lots of fun making measurements and baking bread.  Mum says she also enjoyed watching Maddie live silence on utube.
Today (Wednesday) they found a Hedgehog in the garden. That's really special Franceska, you don't see many of them these days. Well done. 
Mum says "Dougie has been playing out a lot in the garden practising his footballing skills and making the most of the sunshine. He has fitted in some work on his Maths and English in-between. Today he made pizza which tasted delicious with a large dollop of ketchup! He also collected some frogspawn on one of our walks and has been watching them grow. He has picked his favourite, named him John, and plans on keeping him in the kitchen."
I bet Mum is going to love having John in the kitchen, Dougie.  
Now we are in Week 5 Hope's Mummy says
"We’ve been clapping for carers every Thursday!
Freddy and Hope have made a nursery in the living room for our sunflowers, which are coming on nicely and nearly ready to go outside!
We have welcomed the cattle back who live outside our garden...some different faces to chat to!
Hope’s best friend and her have been writing letters to each other and sending pictures. This time Elsie sent Hope a brilliant word search to do!
We’ve been enjoying the nice weather and Hope has been watching Disney On Ice on YouTube with her Nana. We were supposed to go to Leeds Arena last week so instead we got Nana on FaceTime and we all watched it on YouTube at the same time !!"
What a brilliant idea Hope. 
Elsie and her brothers have been researching their family tree and working together to put it all together.  They have spoken to their Grandparents to find out names, birth places and dates. This looks fascinating. We bet you'll be hooked with your research now.
During week 5 Jesse has been making Trifles Like A Tummy Ache and Chocolate buns. That all looks delicious Jesse. Well done
During week 5 Oscar's Mummy says "Oscar's loved seeing pictures of what his friends are doing. This week Oscar's been very busy. He's been helping in the kitchen slicing mango for a zingy lamb casserole. He has also been learning about First Aid safety and toasting marshmallows. And given the weather has been great he helped his dad put the tent up in the garden for an overnight camp."
We bet that was great fun, Oscar.
Olanya's Mum told us that Olanya and her brother and sisters made a beautiful African sunset on cardboard and the lilies are their handprints! 
Oriah has been practising her makeup skills (taking after Mum) and giving Olanya a fancy dress makeover. The jewels are amazing!! 
She had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and  made honeycomb.
All the children asked Mum to braid their hair, so over 2 nights she did it! It was quite a challenge and time consuming but the end result looks fab and they loved them!! She says they've also been on some lovely walks as the fields are just up the hill from home so they have been enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Olanya and her sisters also had a great game of limbo with an old broom pole.
This all looks like great fun. 

Mum says "Elsie is loving the Animal project this week."
That's great to know Elsie. You look hard at work there.
Arvin's Mummy said "Arvin dressed himself this morning!! Safe to say he’s ready to return!"
We are all ready to be back Arvin. We have missed everyone so much.
Hope's Mummy says "Hope has helped me to plant all the sunflowers into the garden and they’re getting very big!
She made some very delicious unicorn biscuits (which didn’t last long !)
Someone told us about this very cool experiment with some Skittles which we loved doing( and we got to eat all the sweets after !!)
Hope has been doing her ballet and jazz lessons at home over zoom which she has loved!
Last week Hope has her hair dyed This was just with tissue paper and water but it washes out ( although she won’t let me wash her hair now. 
Her and Fred loved exploring their senses and playing the game where they had to guess what was in the bag just using their touch .
Hope and I have invented the ‘Tree Disco!!!’
She has spent a lot of time following the Brave Kids Art Club and has drawn lots and lots of animal pictures.
We still do Joe Wicks every day and Hope loves fancy dress Friday!
This week she has LOVED. making this panda mask for the Animal project!"
Elsie and her family went litter picking today, Monday 18th May, observing social distancing of course, as part of their Caring For The Environment project. They were shocked by how much they collected. 
Well Done. You've done an amazing job.