Teaching Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - 
                Mrs Natalie Kettleborough who is responsible for teaching handwriting & French across school
                Mrs Tracy Reynard works as a HLTA to cover Years 2 & 3
                Mrs Joanne Bishops works as a HLTA to cover Years 4 & 6 
Teaching Assistants - Mrs Tracy Reynard
                                   Mrs Joanne Bishop
                                   Mrs Julie Fortune
                                   Mrs Josie Hughes  (Special Needs TA)
                                   Miss Lucy Wilkinson
                                   Mrs Sheila Rumsey  (Special Needs TA)
                                   Mrs Natalie Kettleborogh  (Special Needs TA) 
                                   Mrs Fiona Rockliffe
                                   Miss Carly Milner - Learning Mentor (every day am)