School Reopens - June 2020

School Reopened to Year 6 on the 2nd June and we currently have 14 children that returned to school in two bubbles. They are doing a lot of work sent from PHGS to help them with their transition to Secondary school due to the fact that they won't be able to do the usual transition days down to PHGS.
They are having some lessons virtually by PHGS teachers and can also have a virtual tour of the school to help them familarise themselves with new faces and new places. 
Mrs Foley and Mrs Thompson are looking after Bubble 6a and Mrs Hughes abd Mrs Kettleborough have Bubble 6B
16 Year 1 children returned this Monday, 8th June, again in two bubbles. Mrs Dowell and Mr Williamson have Bubble 1A and Mrs Reyner and Miss Disckson have Bubble 1B. The children seem very happy to be back in school and are washing their hands diligently and social distancing brilliantly. It's lovely to see some familiar faces back in school.
Reception children are due to come back to us next Monday, 15th June and Mrs Matthews and Mrs Rockcliffe have been very busy this week changing the classroom round ready for them. 
Of course, our Keyworker children are still coming to school as they have been during lockdown and are old hands at coming in, washing their hands and getting stuck into their day with Mr Hampson,  Mr Fisk and Mr Young, who do a part week each on a rota basis.  
We've taken some photos of the different classrooms to show you what school looks like now and we hope it won't be too long before we see the rest of the school back. It is so lovely to see children back in the classrooms again, we have missed everyone very much.
16th June 2020
Our Reception children returned yesterday and is was lovely to welcome them back into school.
We have taken some new photos this morning so that you can see what everyone is up too.