Free Hot Meals Offered For Half Term

27th October 2020
Dear Parents and Carers
We would like to let everyone know about a fantastic initiative that three generous business owners of Otley are making to the community.
Jemma from Wharfdale Paws, Linda from cafe Otta's Leah and Belinda from Chevin B&B are pooling resources to offer hot meals for the children of Otley. They have asked me to pass on the information and kind offer to all our families. Jemma wrote to say:
"Laura is offering a variety of hot meals including sausage chips and beans, jackets, omelettes, soup and sandwiches which can be ordered at any time and collected, or can be delivered. Deliveries are also available outside of cafe closing hours so can be done for tea time. 
Belinda will be cooking 12 stone baked pizzas on Wednesdays (these should be cooked by approx 3pm) which I will then collect and distribute. These last for a day in the fridge and Belinda will cook them so they are just done, and they can be reheated if needed. She does need to know if we will have interest as they take a long time to make and she doesnt want them made if they will end up wasted. 
On my end, I will also be doing deliveries after I finish work, and we have had another kind Otley resident who has contacted Laura and also offered to help with deliveries. We all want every single child to be fed". 
Anyone who would like to order food please call Otta's Leah directly on 01943464750 or go to the Otta's Leah Facebook page and send a message. 
I would like to extend thanks to Jemma,, Linda, and Belinda on behalf of The Whartons.
Kind regards,
Julia Dickson