Year 2 Trip To Harlow Carr

12th October 2016

On Wednesday, the Dragonflies (Year 2) went to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate for a school trip. Our trip launched a unit of science about plants; Harlow Carr have fantastic gardens where we could experience plants of all shapes and sizes.

Kayce was dressed up as a plant as we discussed different parts of the plant. We also looked at some exotic, unusual seeds and their cases.  Then we went outside on a seed hunt around different types of trees, gathering acorns, beech nuts and some alder seeds.  We walked up to the outside classroom, where the children did some exploring; finding different ways to describe trees.  We walked further through the woods to the Glade where we worked in groups to measure the height of the trees using our thumbs (ask a Year 2 to explain).

The children continued to be brilliant despite the fact it was “like a rainforest” (except cold).  We still had a lovely time and a big thank you to the parents with us who kept smiling too.  

Written by the Dragonflies.