Not Forgetting What's Happening At School

While you are all learning at home we still have some children at school while their parents are doing an amazing job helping us all at this time.
Since the start of Easter this is now at the Hub School, which is at Ashfield. All our wonderful teachers are taking it in turns on a rota to keep all our Key Worker children entertained. They keep up with Google Classrooms and also do fun activities.  
While the weather has been so good they have been helping Mr Fisk plant some of the sapling trees we have kindly been given from the Carbon Footprint Company to create a woodland in the school grounds. Just think when they have grown into big tall trees in years to come we will be able to tell future pupils about the year they were planted and what was happening.
Well done everyone.
Art Friday
We had a lovely art day using art tutorials from with Mrs Manderville and Mrs Thompson.
The children couldn't believe what they could draw and grew in confidence and pride.  We made an art gallery and invited "The Dicksons" and Mr Reynard.
Here's The Art Gallery for everyone to share.
Children at home might like to try and post what they can draw?
Wednesday April 1st
We had a great music session playing drums with Florin from Junior Jam and then had fun making some clay models.   
Week 2 Art Friday
There was some lovely art work again done this week with Mrs Thompson and Mrs Manderville.
Here's a tour round the gallery for you.
Our children working hard at The Hub on Monday 4th May.