March 2020 - School Closes Due to Covid-19

School closed due to the Coronavirus and we have all been adapting to a new daily routine. School has been open to key worker children and a few others, about 9 every day, at the Otley Hub School, Ashfield, and our teachers have been going in to keep them busy on a daily rota basis. 
The rest of our school have been learning with Google Classrooms and have been kept very busy by their new teachers, their parents, who have been doing an amazing job. They have been busy sharing their photos with us of all the things they have been doing on the Home Learning Section of the website. There has been a varied and imaginative collection of activities taking place with most people starting the day with Joe Wicks' PE Sessions.
It's been a real joy to see what everyone has been filling their days with. We miss everyone very much.