Lunchtimes & School Milk

September 2020
Due to the current situation our school meals will be served as grab bags which the children will eat in their classroom.
Option 1 is our hot option which will change daily
Option 2 is our sandwich option which is either a cheese or tuna sandwich and will not change.
The deserts will change daily and will be served with both options along with a drink
The new menu and ticklists for meal choices are below. 
Our school meals are cooked on site and the varied menus rotate on a three weekly basis being changed completely each term to ensure the children eat plenty of variety. The menus can be found on the downloadable documents further down this page.
Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 receive Universal Free School Meals
For Years 3,4,5 & 6 the price is set by Leeds City Council each September and is currently £2.40 per day.
For those children that pay for school meals, payment should be made by cash or cheque (cheques made payable to Leeds City Council) in advance for the whole half term or anything in between. 
Unfortunately, there is no facility to pay for meals online. We are currently in the process of looking for a new provider.
Children can choose to have school lunches every day, a combination of days or just one day a week but we do ask parents to help them choose their daily choices for the three week rotation prior to the start of each new term to help with the smooth running of the kitchens. Letters with the menus and forms to be completed will be sent out for completion and copies are below to be downloaded if required.
We operate a coloured bands system for our school meals so that the children do not have to remember what they have ordered each day. The list of their daily choices along with the appropriate meal colour band is provided to the class teacher each morning and these will then be handed to the children at lunchtime. If they decide they don't like a certain days choice we are happy to alter this on request. Please advise the school office so that the lunch records can be amended for that term. We require one weeks notice. 
                                       Red Bands-Dish of the Day                                                                                                               Green Bands-Vegetarian Option    
                                       Yellow Bands-Sandwich of the Day    
                                Purple Bands-Oven Baked Jacket Potato - (Not on Thursdays)                                                                  
 We also offer Special Menus throughout the year, e.g. A Bonfire Menu to try and keep the lunches interesting and varied.
Our School Milk is provided by Cool Milk.
If your child is under five years old there is no charge for this milk, but as soon as they turn five, if they still wish to have milk, there is a registration form to fill in which can be downloaded below or alternatively at and a small charge will be payable which is currently 22p per 189ml portion.