Outdoor Classroom

25th December 2017

What an exciting couple of weeks it has been at school planning and watching the creation of a new outdoor classroom in the school grounds.   


As you know, we are passionate about taking learning outside whenever we can. The children are motivated by the outdoors and there are opportunities to apply skills and give learning a real purpose. We are fortunate to have great grounds and over the years have sought to enhance the site so that children can explore.


Our wildlife area is teaming with possible learning opportunities: pond dipping, Gruffalo hunting, bug hunting, sketching, den building and measuring to name but a few. It can however be challenging sometimes to make the best use of this area with nowhere to sit and record findings, keep equipment and stay dry or out of the wind.    


I want to thank you all on behalf of the children and staff for providing us with a fabulous outdoor classroom where we can really explore the surroundings, watch the wildlife and develop our skills in a purposeful, creative environment. We can’t wait to get started. Later this week each class will have a taster session in the classroom.