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Welcome to Reception
We are The Butterflies
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 Mrs Matthews, class teacher (Monday to Wednesday)
    Mrs Rockliff, teaching assistant (Monday to Wednesday)
 Mrs Manderville, class teacher (Thursday and Friday)
   Miss Wilkinson, teaching assistant (Thursday and Friday)
Miss Etherton, Teaching Assistant (Mornings)
Miss Attwood, Teaching Assistant (Afternoons)
Miss Mann, Trainee Teacher (Full-Time through the Autumn Term)
We have now welcomed all our Reception children to Butterfly class!  
They have all settled really well and are enjoying making new friends.  I bet they are tired at the end of the day as they are soooo busy doing lots of playing and learning at school!
We have been so impressed with the way the children play so well together.
If there isn't a photo of your child on here yet, don't worry - it will be there soon!
We have thoroughly enjoyed our first 2 days with the new Reception children.  They have been so good coming into school by themselves and saying goodbye to Mummies and Daddies at the door.  They have explored the classroom and outdoors.  We can't wait to welcome the rest of our class next week.
If your child's photo is not on the website yet, please have patience.  We are making sure we have permission from the parents before we put a photo of their child on the website. We have plenty of photos of all the children.
Reception PE - Friday Morning