African Voices


On 2th of February, four African people came to our school to tell KS2 a bit about Africa. Ganzi came to our class (year six) and he told us all about Africa and his home Uganda. He told us about what food grows there and the trade. Also he told us about weddings and fashion. He told us about the population there and the terrible weather. We found out that there is only two seasons! The rainy season and the dry season. After that he explained what money they have, 20,000 shillings = £4! At the end he set us a quiz with pictures and we had to decide whether they were taken in Africa or not.

By Alex and Amelia


Little shop of Horrors!

On the 30th January year 6 went to see a show called Little Shop of Horrors performed by the pupils of Prince Henrys Grammar School. The show was really good, especially the singing bits and the giant Audrey 2 plant. 

By Isabella and Alex