It's been a wonderful start to Year 5!
Our topics so far have been Roald Dahl and the ancient Greeks - although we've got a lot more to find out still.
The baking we did yesterday for the school's Macmillan coffee morning was terrific (in a good way). We made vanilla cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, Chelsea buns, chocolate bicky-stickys and cranberry and almond biscotti.
By Solomon and Evelyn
In maths we've been rounding, using column addition and lots of other metheods to help us work out problems.
We had a space experience with Dr Who: we had to use our energy to try to move a planet that was in the way of our sun's light.
The Planetarium. We visited other planets and talked about how we wouldn't survive on other planets. Once it had finished, Richard, who was in charge of the Planetarium, flung it up and backwards, but it got stuck and Mr Reynard had to hook it down.
Alfie & Gracie
In English we've been writing about the Apollo 11 lunar mission - code named Eagle.
It's nearly Christmas...
We've been doing tessalations in Computing and programming them to repeat in Scratch.
Phoebe, Seren, Millie, Ellie, Elise, Evelyn, Aidan, Austin, Grace, Lilly, Evie and Katie were totally amazing at their Pop Choir performance and sang like (giggling) angels. They were brilliant!
All of KS2 went to practise our carol concert at Bridge Street Church and behaved beautifully and performed really well.