Welcome to the Year 2 blog page.
Here you'll find quotes from the children about what they've been doing and enjoying in school that week.

Our favourite bits of year 2 so far.

Lucy: I enjoyed going to Harlow Carr – we learned about plants.


Matilda: I quite liked the Christmas play because we all did really well and it was quite a big challenge!


Thomas: I’ve enjoyed all the art work: colour wheels, Andy Warhol.


Lilly-Mai: I liked the superhero part.


Ella: meeting Emily at the start of year 2 and writing to tell about myself.


Skye: I like going on Lexia because you can learn different things.


Charlotte M: Book day because we could all bring our books and see what other people had.


Oliver T: I like singing ‘We will rock you!’ in our music lessons because it has stops and it has loads of rock in it.


Charlotte B: I enjoyed the Christmas party because it was really fun and you kept getting prizes.


Finlay: I like having Mr Fisk as a teacher.


Oriah: I liked it when we made our superheroes out of clay.


Oliver H: I liked when we started year 2 and we had a book and we wrote all about us.


Emily: I liked it when it was the first time when Mr Beale came.


Una: when we earned all our rays of sunshine and we got a half-day of free choice play.


Lucas: I liked it when we went to Harlow Carr because I liked it when we were on the coach.


Noah: I liked doing history, about the Great Fire of London.