An Home Learning Poem- July 2020

A Mum of one of our current Yr6 pupils has written a poem about Home Learning that she has kindly said we can share with everyone. We hope you like it as much as we do.
Now Boris has said that all schools must go back,
To get all our children right back on track.
Make do desks in the kitchen, the lounge and the den,
Can go back to being what they were way back when.

So my home schooling days have now come to an end,
And they've nearly sent me round the bend.
No question, the hardest job I've ever done
Cos the best job by far is just being a mum.

We started with English and books we'd to read,
Just do one more page I would beg and then plead.
We've done I before E except after C.
We know how to use the silent P.
Apostrophes, vowels, adverbs and nouns,
Brackets and paragraphs, learning new sounds.

The maths was a challenge, oh boy not much fun,
Irregular polygons, work out the sum.
Isocoles triangles - headaches galore,
We'd turn the pages and then there were
Hexagons, octagons, rhombus and pie,
Rolling our eyes, looking up to the sky.

And sky's where we learnt of the men on the moon,
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, their rockets go boom.
Our history lessons now over and done
But with Einstein's theory we had so much fun.

We voted PE the best lesson of all.
We were out in the garden just playing ball.
Football and rounders to name but a few,
But I'm too old at 52.

Art has been rainbows and colouring in.
Music was honestly just a great din.
Cookery lessons did we have a laugh,
Banana bread burning, and pies were a faff.
Science experiments, well they were a joke,
Trying to make a self- propelled boat.

But over these weeks my goodness we've tried,
And over these weeks my goodness we've cried,
And over these weeks we've nearly walked out
But instead took deep breaths when we wanted to shout.
But im glad in the end that we both chose to stay,
For now it's the holidays, our chance to play.

So parents should cherish these strange times we've had,
Though I know for so many these times have been sad.
Yes, tears and tantrums there've been quite a few
But there's been so much work that we've all had to do.
I'll look back on this time with a great sense of joy,
For I'm so very proud of my little boy.
Sharon Holmes 2020